Hidden Meanings in Tarot cards

TAROT (Photo credit: Adam Crowe)

By means of symbols there are so many things hidden in the tarot cards that it takes deep knowledge, understanding and experience to actually interpret what these cards are actually trying to convey things to the people? The universal language of symbols helps the diviner to interpret the answers for the questions asked by the seeker. There are different decks of cards with different types of images present on them. The idea behind using symbols in tarot cards is that we want to extract what our subconscious mind is trying to say because it recognizes symbols more efficiently rather than numeric or alphanumeric characters. Divination using tarot cards is only symbols and images based. In fact some numbers and colors present on the cards have also got some hidden meanings. The symbols or the images present on the cards have got hidden meanings and they solve lot of problems of basic life by guiding through the situations. For instance, the minor arcana cards are having four suits and they all deal with day to day life problems of a person. These four suits are swords, wands, pentacles and cups. Wands take care of the desires of a person, pentacles are having symbols for finances any other money problems, wands symbolizes desires and other desire related problems of a person and lastly cups take care of the emotional aspect of a person.

Not only the symbols present on the cards are of significance but the colors also play an important role in the interpretation of a situation. Each color or the combination of colors present on the cards is having their own story like the pink color symbolizes love and affection, white color depicts purity, color blue depicts open sky while purple reflects what is actually hidden in the soul. These colors not only the diviner to get to the final conclusion of the problem but it also helps him to know the reason why the seeker is asking the question. Coming to the numbers present on the cards. In tarot language these numbers present are not just numbers they are actually considered as symbols and they also reveal hidden meanings to the tarot readers. Each number present has its own meaning like the number 0 depicts potential of person, 1 symbolizes our isolation so loneliness from others, 2 reveals things regarding our relationships, love and affection for others and like this every number present on the cards has its own meaning and interpretation.

The positions and appearance of tarot cards have also got equal importance like symbols , numbers and colors in interpretation of the situation like if a tarot card is placed in a upside down position its meaning will be totally changed if it is placed in upright position. Reading the tarot cards is classified as a scientific phenomenon because there are so many rules, procedures applied to understand the phenomenon which if repeated and duplicated produce the same results making them reliable to predict the situation. It is also generally recommended that the tarot card reader should use particular deck of cards and try to develop affinity for them. It has been generally observed that by doing so a link gets established between reader and deck of tarot cards and always provide with accurate results.

In addition to the different tools like symbols, colors and numbers present on these cards and experience the thing which comes to play is the deep feeling for these cards which if acquired is quite beneficial and after that the tarot reading gets amplified by the sixth sense and intuition. But there are many individuals who are only interested in making money rather than going for actual prediction and understanding the real meaning of tarot cards. These cards if understood properly what they are trying to reveal are capable of rearranging reality which is perceived in our physical world. This can happen only if we really want to know what these cards are trying to say.

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