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Seven of Swords from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

Seven of Swords from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tarot cards are used for multiple purposes. Starting from fortune telling, divination, Wiccan rituals and through various occult practices. What is important is to understand, acknowledge and accept that every card has a life if its own; a story unique to itself. In the sword’s suite, the four of swords is a card ruled by the planet Jupiter. It implies a period of rest or a period wherein you get an opportunity to prepare for the ongoing troubles in your life and reach one more step closer to survival. If you are unemployed or if your business has not worked well so as to provide a living for you. Then you still need to wait or some more preparation is required from your end to get a job or find success in your business. However, this card is not of hope and it does not predict or assure that problems in your life will end. All it indicates is a phase wherein you are granted some breathing space. Assuming that this card allows one to escape is not appropriate either.

The next card is the five of swords. It implies a dispute or an argument which started on a senseless and futile reasons. The purpose is not to benefit in any way. It is to prove one’s point of view is correct and apt in comparison to that of the other person. It is a card which implies rejoicing in vain glory and achieving a sense of victory which is empty and spoils a very resourceful relationship in the end. It is better to accept defeat so as to save a relationship which is resourceful and worth trusting.

The six of swords card is ruled by the planet Mercury. When one goes through a bad phase in life. When your life and circumstances are filled with disputes, financial issues, emotional frustrations and scarcity of resources. It is time to relocate or move to a place where the circumstances are peaceful, there is a way to earn a living and your life may improve. This card implies relocation to a new place or a journey across seas so as to seek a peaceful life and better circumstances. The ongoing problems are beyond one’s reach to be solved or sorted. This card implies a need to escape and relocate so as to seek greener pastures.

The seven of swords is a card ruled by Moon. This is not a very fortunate card to turn up in a reading. When this card turns up in a reading it implies that the person for whom the reading is done, has many enemies in his life. Enemies who are just waiting to create trouble and issues in his or her life. There are times when some people have more enemies as compared to others and some people have very few enemies.

In traditional astrology, when the sixth house, eighth house and the twelfth house from ascendant have planets or planets are placed in them. Then the native has many enemies and faces many obstacles in his lifetime. Ignoring these enemies will not work, not even assuming that there are no enemies will work. One has to live with the fact and accept it as a way of life. So, when the seven of swords turns up in a reading. It implies enemies, some of whom may not be known to the native. The card has the influence of the planet Moon, so the enemies are not known openly or are hidden.

Hurdles and obstacles created by one’s enemies is what one should expect. Irrespective what happens, please do not give up. To try and make attempts is one’s karma, whether it happens or not is not within our reach. But to give up will only make your enemies happy. So, I have covered four cards in this article i.e. the four of swords, five of swords, six of swords and the seven of swords.

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