Non-Traditional Astral Travel Techniques

This article suggests two unusual methods for astral projection for those having problems with the more traditional and standard methods.

I am going to propose two methods created exclusively to assist you to get to the astral planes. If you are struggling or do not understand where to start, these will help move you along the way. Enjoy.

These tactics are borne from repetition and some of them are tried and true and nicely known. In any case, they are going to assist you in having a deeper more meaningful encounter.

Lumer Method

Out of body experience
Out of body experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This technique is a holistic approach to OBE. It treats astral projection as a method which should be engendered within your subconscious. Too many times we make the oversight of just attempting to deal with out of body experiences really like any other pastime.

At your waking instances while the mind is still within the alpha wavelengths, possibly your feelings are alight with a humm, or you may merely have the sensation of awakening, however in either case at this moment you have to place the seeds into your unconscious. Basically say to your self in your minds eye, I can effectively astral travel, a phrase like this.

That’s it, not a single thing more, let your brain process this during your day. One time once more, part way your day but at a certain event this time, perhaps lunch, starting up your vehicle, it could be watering a plant doesn’t matter, something that you perform every day with routine, you should repeat that phrase to yourself once more. That is it.

When you are in your meditation period, then think of this thought, repeat it to your self, then move into your normal reflection routine. This technique will take time, but will yield amazing effects. Commit to this to be a lifestyle modification. Throughout the months, you will find it’s a powerful method.

Stones And Fluids Approach

This technique is situated around employing crystals and also the sounds of the waterfall to be able to enhance your experience. You must pickup several crystals from a trusted supply, and be sure they are cleansed and ready for astral travel. Have the stones nearby as you reflect, but rather than playing isochronic tones or binaural sounds substitute a recording of flowing water. In your minds eye picture a waterfall, listen to the sounds of the water flowing and imagine the potent energy which the earth is made from. Imagine that energy flowing into you, surrounding you, through you and away from you. Envision your self entering an astral travel slipstream, basically permitting natures power draw you in take you wherever it may.

These two astral projection techniques aren’t typical routines that you might be familiar with, following these will can ultimately help you find your path to enlightenment.

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