How to Astral Project: Six Detailed Instructions for Astral Projection

This article lists six basic steps to successful astral projection.

Astral Projection

Astral Projection (Photo credit: drinksmachine)

The things you can accomplish after you learn astral projection are absolutely amazing. Astral projection itself is amazing but incredibly hard to do especially when it comes to transferring your consciousness. Once you do though the sky is the limit.

The best techniques considering how to astral project and the steps taken by professionals are mostly kept a secret. Yet with all that is available to us nowadays this is no longer the case. So by using these six steps entwined with your own techniques around this system you can increase your abilities and positive outcomes.

1. Build on your visualization and imagination skills.

a) One great way to optimize this process is to always focus on the same vision over and over. Tie this in directly with your astral plane double.

b) In other words build an Astral double of yourself and concentrate on this image. Seeing it in your minds eye as clear as you can.

2. Create your astral body or double as some like to call it.

a) This is something that must be done in the beginning and that the process is never ending.

b) It is you and ultimately your means of travel in the astral plane. The more detailed the better the results.

3.) Transfer your consciousness over to your astral double body.

a) This is where most people run into trouble. One great way to ensure more success is the details mentioned above. When you create your body double create or recreate your senses, this will help create the reality grow much stronger.

b) Your sense of smell, your sight, and hearing as well.

4.) Observe your surrounding and your new body.

a) Especially in the beginning once you have achieved this goal the desire to want to go on will be strong, Don’t! To put it simply there are some dangers involved that are too many to name. You must first become familiar with how everything works in order to be armed with knowledge of what your doing.

b)This is another place where many people lose it. You will be much better off learning the how to deal with and avoid unnecessary mistakes, before you find out these dangers first hand.

5.) Come right back and ground your self thoroughly.

a) It is essential that you return to yourself fully awake and cognizant of your surroundings. Then go through a process of grounding your experiment by closing everything down in this state. It is very important to separate these states of consciousness completely through act and will. It keeps them separated and organized.

b) This is a must! There are no two ways about it. Grounding the whole ordeal by action of conscious thought and will that you are now no longer projected and in this plane entirely.

6.) Keep detailed written records of all your accounts.

a) This is most important to achieve the desired result in the end. If you don’t keep an accurate enough record then the success will be minimal. You cannot fully appreciate the usefulness of good records until you have yourself kept a literary account of your own.

b) This is also a must and I believe a big reason why most people have limited success. By keeping an accurate record it brings more life to it. Much like anything else the more you put into your Astral Projection experiments the more you will get from it and the more result and the deeper the degree of quality in your results.

The best techniques and detailed instructions for the art of astral projection Broaden the horizon of your mind and find your inner self through sound these incredible techniques. Powerful and effective and new to our world. Hearing is attributed to spirit according to the Qabalah. Fly outside of your self and learn the true power of astral projection along with so much more.

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Addison Prescot. These are the best astral projection techniques that work.Astral projection is not easy so anything that can help you should be taken full advantage of. The things that you can accomplish after you have successfully projected are nothing short of amazing.

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