Writing as a Spiritual Art

While I love forums many of my reflections are personal and not necessarily of interest to others.  I keep what I call a bullet diary, though it functions as a journal as well depending on my mood and needs.

I use it among many other things as a space to reflect and also work out my spiritual struggles.  A five subject spiral notebook works for me.

I have also begun within this notebook a fictionalized autobiography in a postmodern writing style meaning in this case there is no clear plot or sequence and the narratives flow like a dream.  As I make progress I revise and upload it to a blog.

It’s hard to say how much is fiction and reality.  So far most of it is based on real events or conveying real experiences I’ve had but in dream like form.  My “good Angels” are intertwined in the narratives.

Some of those narratives convey actual communications from them I have received.  Others are imagined conversations with them, but I believe imagination is probably still an authentic communication from my Friends in this case.

I am expressing and working out my religious philosophy in this way.

Do you practice writing as a spiritual discipline?  If so how do you go about it?

What else do you use writing for?

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