“Working” with Deity vs. Worshipping Deity

Goddess photoI must confess that I’ve always been a bit…confused by the tendency of pagans to say they “work” with a deity/deities. I always assumed that “working” with a deity related to working magic with the help of a God/Goddess, but I’ve seen pagans who do not practice magic use this expression.

What, exactly, does it mean to “work” with a deity? Is this a reference to prayer/reciprocity? Or something else?

What is the difference between “working” with a God and worshiping him/her?

Personally, I don’t claim to “work” with the Gods as that, to me personally, would imply some kind of even-footing. However, I think others may be using the term in a way I am not familiar with and perhaps I am misunderstanding. What are your thoughts on this semantic difference?

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