Working up to a project

This is about projects that you want to accomplish, but need to develop skills for first. I could use some advice and/or moral support.

My particular project is this: on a recent trip I picked up a book on a topic I’m highly interested in, pre-christian and nature-worshiping practices in Switzerland. The title of it is Mythologische Lanschaft Schweiz, and there you see the challenge. I do speak German, but not at the academic level.

Besides getting a good dictionary app, my rough plan is to work up to it using other German-language books I have around. I think I’ll probably have to actually make out a schedule. I do have some education background so I know a bit about creating a lesson plan, but … this is going to be a long project. Months and possibly years. Part of me is going *AAAARGH* and running in circles.

Has anyone else here done anything similar? Any tips or anecdotes are welcome.

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