Work with One Goddess, or Reach Out to More?

Gundestrupkarret (the Gundestrup Cauldron). Th...
Gundestrupkarret (the Gundestrup Cauldron).  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m quite new to polytheism. Even when I was still following Christianity I acknowledged the existence of other gods, though what form they took and other related questions I didn’t delve in to. But several months ago I had an experience that tipped me over to the other side. This is about to get long, apologies!

I had picked up my left-off studies of Druidry and was wading through my OBOD lessons again. I skimmed through the story of Taliesin and related lessons–although I could appreciate the symbolism and its relationship to modern Druidry, the story never really clicked with me. I went through it all as quickly as I could.

There’s a part in the lessons where they ask you to visualise a Druid. I had in mind a woman (and a man, more on that later) whom I had a pretty clear image of. But her purpose wasn’t very clear to me, she was just an image really. But one night I was doing a meditation and I saw this woman, and this time she invited me back to her cabin in the woods. I won’t go into all the details, but by the end of this I had a very strong impression that this nameless woman was none other than the goddess Ceridwen.

It’s not the vision itself that was so surprising, given that I’d been studying the story of Taliesin recently, but the feeling that it left me with. I felt welcomed, like someone had left the door open for me. That feeling stayed with me for days, this bright positive glow. Somehow I knew then that this goddess was real and someone I wanted to work with and learn from. I have since reached out to her in ritual, and although I haven’t had any experiences as strong as the first one I feel like I’ve had a response. I’ve even set up a small shrine to Ceridwen in the form of a cauldron on the windowsill.

Finally getting around to my question: should I be attempting to reach out to other gods and goddesses, or do I just wait for another tap on the shoulder? Apart from honouring Brigit at Imbolc I have only named Ceridwen so far. I do make a point of honouring “all the goddesses and gods” during my rituals, but that’s as far as it goes. I am curious to find out who the male Druid in my visions was, if he was a god or not. I’m quite happy working with just Ceridwen for now but I just don’t really know how all this works. Does anyone else work with one god or goddess exclusively?