Wikipedia’s anti-scythian sexism

Note: Archive links + addendum at the end

Recently, Wikipedia has saw fit to delete several pages relating to Scythian religion. The most notable casualties of this spiteful decision are Tabiti, which stands as the matriarch of the Scythian pantheon and its actual head according to Herodotus’ Histories, and Argimpasa, a rather iconic figure in the discussion of the matriarchal aspects of Scythian society.

The world’s leading encyclopaedia can afford to have articles about anal sex but not about important mythological female figures. And all because of spite.

The de facto reason for this deletion is a rather complex conflict between Wikipedia as a whole and me, and is particularly rooted on a logical fallacy: everything a certain user writes must be wrong by default. Such is the statement lead by user Krakkos and its possible sockpuppet 1|2|3k:

This particular user has been noted as paranoid and unstable by other administrators:,_CheckUser,_and/or_patrolling_admin_comments_43

This wreck of a person is allowed to edit Wikipedia, and destroy female representation on a whim, out of spite, out of paranoia, out of lack of concern representation has as a concept.

Wikipedia’s standards do definitely need to change, to put it absolutely as mildly as humanely possible.


Addendum: At least one administrator agrees these jerks are going too far. Another did too, but was framed of being a sockpuppet, displaying the depths Wikipedia will go to be spiteful.

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