Why Does Wicca Seem So Expensive?

English: A traditional Wiccan altar displaying...

Wiccan altar displaying magical working tools. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I know that you don’t have to go and buy purpose-made pagan supplies, but I feel awkward that I don’t have anything yet. Coming from a catholic background I’m not keen on the prescriptive side of some wiccan paths anyway (it just feels like what I’m trying to get away from) but most books seem to be telling me to go out and spend £££s on equipment, this in itself is leading me more towards hedgewitchery and folk magic. Candles in every colour? Cauldron? Athame? Ahhhh!

Anyone else know how I’m feeling?

I’ve been making do so far, I haven’t performed many spells. Haven’t cast a circle or anything before, yet have been reading suggestions for spells, altering them to what I have in stock so to speak, or just looking up uses of herbs and scattering dried herbs from my kitchen cupboard in my garden while praying to deities what it is I am asking for. I am lucky enough to have a tree in my garden which is where I tend to focus my outdoor prayers. Anyone else do something similar? Am I being too frugal?

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