Why Bother with Gods?

The crown of Cybele represents the walls of th...
The crown of Cybele represents the walls of the city she protects (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s all sorts of ideas about what a god is, and why to worship them. I’ve noticed that a lot of neo-pagans see it in terms of a personal relationship of sorts, a friends with cosmic benefits, you could say, I suppose.
While there’s parallels with this relationship in ancient religions, it wasn’t the norm by any means. Gods were more often involved in a business type situation with humans, the whole do et des. I know in ancient Greece, Babylon and Rome, gods were worshiped because they were communal benefactors and “mascots”, for lack of a better term lol.

What this has me wondering is, why exactly should one be involved with deities at all? No one lives in a city-state with a patron god who is expected to be venerated simply due to custom. The existence or importance of a particular god is not a given, and not really encouraged. So what does one get from the relationship at all, since it’s no longer communal identity? Material benefits? “Spiritual”? Or are they just big life coaches and therapists? heh.

I’m genuinely curious, because I’ve worshiped several deities throughout the years, on a semi-regular basis, and have never experienced any kind of tangible contact – tangible in the sense that it couldn’t be said that it was where I was simply looking for confirmation or messages, therefore attributing coincidences to something involved with a deity. And the subsequent theistic-leaning agnosticism I’m now in has made me wonder what the point is to begin with.

Thoughts? Outbursts?