Who, What, or Where? — #1

Our resident bard @entwife has inspired me. But while his compositions have nature and its denizens in mind, mine are largely drawn from the works of men’s hands and the craftsmen—or women—who created them. But some, perchance, may be inspired by notable or even spectacular locations which I have seen with my own eyes—at least, on Earth; beyond that I rely on the reports of astronautic or robotic observers.

And while Mr. entwife often speaks in general terms, my intention is to be specific…as specific as possible. So while ‘skyscraper’ may be a good answer, the intended answer is, “Which skyscraper?” And with limited exceptions when I have a place or a thing in mind it is one which I have actually seen, visited, or owned. That is not a great limitation, though, since I have been blessed with the privilege of being a very well-traveled individual thanks to careers in the Navy, Merchant Marine, or behind the wheel of long-haul trucks. With that said…

I span the waters in this my capital city,
a sight not all have agreed is pretty!
Although small by modern standards I am
recognized far and wide throughout the lands.
I unite the banks but open wide,
for sailing ships traveling on the tide.
Marvels of engineering Victorian,
tourists observe in my museum.
Hard by my namesake keep I stand,
bridging the gap between land and land.

What am I?

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