White Lighters Versus The Dark Arts

I am pretty much a Solitary Practitioner who has only had casual interactions with Pagan Groups and other similar social interactions. So my social experience with Paganism is limited. That said, I was wondering if in the Pagan Community there is a significant sense of factionalism between so-called “White Lighters” versus those who practice the “Dark Arts”, or have a more nihilistic worldview. I have read a bit about this, but I am wondering if it is a real “thing”.

I am not just talking about a distinction between so-called “Fluffy Bunny” types and those who are more “serious” about their practices (although I am open to discussion on that topic as well). What I am really driving at is a distinction between different philosophies or outlooks, ranging from humanistic, compassionate views, to more purely selfish, “will to power” types of worldviews. I am just curious to know more about this. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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