Where do you notice multiplicity in your life

Many on this forum are polytheists, and I think it may be interesting to explore where various members whether polytheist or not experience multiplicity and oneness.

I do not speculate much on the matter of polytheism.  I tend to emphasize interconnectedness and individuality equally.  The two are related.

In my individuality and uniqueness I experience the whole as well as the many.  I am the product of the sun and water and genes and a multitude of ancestors and culture and history.  These many things merge into one in me, but also in you.

I think the gods exist in a similar manner, containing in a sense the whole as well as the many and individuality.

I experience the All as a multiplicity through angels and saints which in my brand of eclecticism are basically divine as are we and everything.

And I experience my psyche and emotions as a multiplicity of persons.  They cooperate to help one another and complement one another.  When one suffers another steps in with different strengths to help the other.  In a sense they remind me of a balanced pantheon, except they are internal to only me — unless perhaps others experience them too in their own way…I do come across other experiences indicating they may exist outside of me.

Are you a polytheist?  Where do you experience multiplicity?  Where do you experience oneness or interconnectedness?  Any other thoughts?

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