Wheel of the Year (or Equivalent in Your Path): Does It Work for You?

English: Wheel of the Year with Fire Festivals...
English: Wheel of the Year with Fire Festivals and Quarter Festivals, Neopagan holidays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Based on Louisvillian’s observation in another thread that they found they were not attuned to the wheel of the year, I wondered for how many of us it does work.

For myself, it does not work as the calendar dates of many of the festivals do not coincide in my area with actual conditions. This issue has worsened with my move from Toronto northwest to the mountains. It’s hard to celebrate mid-spring at the spring equinox when there is several feet of snow on the ground! At the earliest, the trees here leaf three weeks after Beltane (and in the worst years, not til June).

This does not bother me as much as it would have twenty years ago, so it’s not a priority to resolve how I deal with it. But eventually, I would still like to make a decision for myself on how to incorporate the wheel of the year. Will I move the festivals (this could result in many festivals between June and September, and none between Yule and May)? Will I leave them as they are and accept that my climate is different (what I am leaning towards as I like having something to look forward to on a regular basis)? Will I skip some festivals? Will I come up with my own festivals (in which case I’m looking forward to the Festival of the End of Mosquito Season)? Or … ?

For others, there could be different reasons the wheel does not work. Perhaps you live in a city and there is a disconnect with agricultural life.

1. Is the Wheel of the Year (or the equivalent in your path) important to your practice? Why or why not?

If yes:
2. Does the Wheel of the Year (or the equivalent in your path) work for you? Why or why not?
3. If not, what was your solution, if any?