What’s your element?

I particularly identify with the element of water – it’s the element that I ‘crave’ the most.

And I love the earth:  trees, green spaces, immersing myself in nature – so earth’s probably my second ‘favourite’ element.

I like a fire just fine, meditating before a candle flame is good, woodsmoke’s quite a nice smell and all (if not too full in the face, that is).

Air is obviously just as crucial to life as any element, but I don’t feel a need to surround myself with it more than I automatically am surrounded by it (obviously) – I don’t crave mountaintop views or love the wind or need an open window at all times, or whatever.

So water is top of my list of the elements – if I could swim daily I would, and the water is one of the most relaxing of sounds to me; whether it be a babbling stream, bubbling fountain, the ocean swell, or rainfall.  Petrichor is my all time favourite smell (thank you Ashmire et all, I believe, for assisting with putting a name to it in recent discussions).

Do you have a particular element that you’d identify as your element?  And if so, are you able to articulate why this is the case?

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