What’s the oddest grocery-store shortage you’ve seen?

A bit of (hopefully) fun, inspired by my grocery shopping earlier today, and this post from Sefiru:

I was at the grocery store on Wednesday and some strange patterns were emerging.

– Frozen veg: gone. Picked veg (beets, sauerkraut etc): fully stocked.
– Chicken: very low. Sausage and ham: mounds of it.
– Canned veg: gone, except for an untouched flat of yellow string beans. Does nobody like them?
– Canned pasta: cleared out. Canned fish, right next to it: normal stocks.
(I didn’t check out the flour, because I got a bag before shit hit the fan, but my mom said it was sold out when she went … but there’s no shortage of prepared bread yet. ???)

Lots of the things people are buying stores right out of make sense, like hand sanitizer. But some – as Sefiru notes here – are odd, either on their own or in contrast to similar/related products. What’s the oddest one you’ve seen?


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