What’s Growing in Your Garden?

Recently, I repotted majority of my houseplants, including:

  • the hardy fig tree (which I thought I killed, but turns out it drops its leaves when stressed and then will grow them all back in a flourish).
  • Lucky bamboo (I have three different varieties but I don’t remember the names) – total of 11 stems I think
  • Pothos (so. much. pothos)
  • Aloe vera
  • Indian Rubber Plant
  • Begonia

I also had a friend send me some seed packets (!!!) a while back, and had sowed the basil seeds. They’re growing now quite nicely, but I can’t harvest them yet.

This all had me wondering: what are you growing in your garden, be it outside, inside, in containers, in the ground, in the air, or in water?

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