What would your temple look like?

I may have asked this a while ago, but since I’ve been stomping around Mexico City today looking at and thinking about mesoamerican temples, it’s top of my mind, so:

If you had unlimited resources to build the temple of your dreams for your gods (or any one god)/your religion, what would it look like?

For myself, I’m torn; part of my tree-hugging pagan-ness says any place outside in nature is my temple.

But my “go highfalutin!” impulse, no small part of me, has been fueled by imagining the grandeur of what the ancients did, so here goes:

Mine would be a large circular hard-floored space open to the sky, with the symbol at the bottom of my posts as its floor plan. Gates–torii-like twin posts with a top crossing beam–would stand at the points of the triangle for entering/leaving the space; the remaining 9 stations around the circle’s perimeter would be marked with posts–free-standing columns or monoliths–so that the whole effect would be rather like Stonehenge.

The inner side of each monolith would have a statue or relief carving depicting that god or divine entity, or some defining aspect of that deity and its associated concepts; the visual should be at least abstract enough to make it race-neutral. These would each form a shrine within the larger temple to a particular god. (At the gates, perhaps the carving could rest atop the crossing beam.)

Finally–and this is where the whole thing falls apart!–a giant head with 3 faces would somehow float in the middle of the circle, high enough above to look down on the congregants. How this miracle of engineering would be accomplished, I have no idea. (I originally thought a tree could support them in the center, but I like the idea of the middle being open, so that those gathered can face each other in circle.)

Ideally this would be located on a bluff, with the top of the triangle pointing out to the cliff drop and the horizon. Directly opposite that, at the bottom of the circle, there would be a secret entrance to an underground passage (that is no longer secret since I just mentioned it).

Not that I’ve thought about this at all.

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