what would you do if you were moving somewhere with ‘bad energy’?

I’m not a fan of my phrasing in the  title but I think it’s the clearest way of saying it.

I live in a basement suite, but we found out two weeks ago the neighbours upstairs would be moving out, and we decided to move up (small rant that also is the background) because we could get a pretty good deal on the rent because the landlord just want to keep renters in it until they tear it down and develop (rent is $350 below what our old landlords were renting the upstairs for, and this house was already below market rate). Bunch of annoying stuff has culminated in us still not being out/up, because after promising to be out and give us the keys last weekend, then on wednesday, then today, they’ve now said we’ll get the keys tomorrow, and I’m doubting it. We really have needed a bigger space, and it will help a lot to organize for our real move, when they decide they want to start development. (end rant)

We’ve lived here for five years, and had three couples live above us in that time. Every single one has had screaming fights, and two couples were broke up temporarily multiple times (and forever once), and generally been absolutely terrible. This last couple were the least terrible, as they only screamed at each other ever week or two instead of every day, as the last two sets had. We’ve joked that upstairs must have a curse against couples.

I don’t actually believe that there’s a curse, obviously, but it’s still made me nervous to move up. I’m worried it will feel bad, and that all the fights will somehow have effected the space.

The current plan is to politely talk to any spirits that are there, use a bell to purify it room by room, spray an appropriate herbal mixture for ‘happy home’ and protection stuff (can’t use smoke, so I make a tea or decoction of the herbs I’d burn and use a spray bottle), then set up whatever normal protections I’d generally do.

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