What Kind of a Vegetarian Are You?

…if in fact you are a vegetarian at all, which I’m not (omnivore with definite tendencies towards carnivore). But it would be interesting to know how strict the other members who do observe dietary restrictions are and what those restrictions are based on. I’m sure religious/moral/ethical concerns are a big factor for many here, but some dietary observations are based on food allergies, medical considerations, price and availability, or just plain personal preference. And among those who consider themselves vegetarians there is a range from strict vegans to those who will eat dairy and (unfertilized) egg products. I’ve even run across a pescetarian; he eats fish and shellfish but otherwise avoids products of birds and land animals. “Lapsed” and “occasional” are also valid answers here. So, let us know a little bit about what keeps your home fires burning!

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