What are your Prohibitions?

English: prohibited

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On my long and twisted religious path, there are a number of things that I am prohibited to do…usually on request from one of the deities I follow:

  • I am not to actively participate in ritual that does not fall in line with my own path. This means that almost all public rituals are right out for me – I have to opt out of them, as they contain elements that do not apply.
  • If I speak about the work I do, it has to be in part only. I am proscribed against talking about the whole, the goal, or the outcome until it is finished.
  • I am prohibited from sharing information with certain people, or at certain times, or in certain places.
  • Perversely, I am prohibited from not speaking up or sharing information in certain instances.

There are others, of course, but the four above are the ones that come into play most often since my religious community includes TC’s forums and chat. And, in reading a series of blog posts defining piety in ways that are, for me, prohibited to do, I wondered how many others also have proscriptions against things that are seen as “typically pagan”.

So, what are your prohibitions? If you have them, how much impact do they have on your daily life? If you don’t have them, what might you do if given one (or more)?

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