Welcome to the Cauldron

Welcome folks who have found us recently! This is a post to say welcome, and to let you know about The Cauldron (c. late 2018). We’ve had an influx of new people, so it seemed a good time to say hi, and tell you a bit about the place.

Like any community that’s been around for a while (over twenty years!), we’ve got our own quirks and habits. This post has links to some additional useful resources.

Up All Night is our yearly celebration of the Solstice (this year it’s starting on 12/21 at sunset, your local time).

People hang out in the designated thread, share thoughts, ideas, and what they’re up to. Some people also hang out in our chat space (this year, as last year, that’s our Discord server).  Some people stay up all night, but plenty of people come and go, depending on their needs and lives. There will be more specific plans shared as we get closer to the event.

What you should know about the Cauldron:

We have some policies and practices that work well for this space. These include our quoting rules (you need to quote a portion of the post you’re responding to in almost all cases), and our focus on debate and discussion. You can find the rules in the Rules and Regulations folder, and ask general questions about the rules in the Board Questions folder.

There’s more information in our Cauldron Announcements folder including our inclusivity FAQ, tips on using Tapatalk (an app for mobile access to forums), and quoting help.

We have some specific folders with additional rules or guidelines to keep conversations focused (such as our Beginner-Friendly areas, and the Special Interest Groups (or SIGs). Those spaces have a pinned post at the top with important information for that area.

We’re a text based forum, so while there’s some ability to post images or link videos, we’re mostly about the text conversation. We often have longer or more detailed posts than many modern social media tools encourage or allow. We think that’s a plus. If you want to share lots of images, videos, or other kinds of files, it’s often easier to link to a different hosting site.

We’re not just for Pagans, but open to participation by people of many different religious, spiritual, or magical interests (so long as they’re interested in what we talk about here.) If you don’t understand where someone is coming from, or how they’re using a term, feel free to ask for more info.

We have members from all over the world, and some members have specific accessibility needs. We ask everyone to follow some standards to help out.

Please don’t use lots of text speak or abbreviations, and don’t change the font or size of the text in your posts. Oh, and please put a blank line every 4-6 lines of text – it makes things much easier to read. If you need help adjusting your view of the forum to be comfortable to you, post in the Board Questions forum with details and people can suggest some options to help.

Staff moderate in public. We do this so everyone understands the rules and how they’re being applied. Some staff actions are quick (dealing with spam, reminding people of quoting rules), but more complex ones often take discussion, and may take longer to resolve.

You can report posts you think are against our rules or otherwise a concern by using the ‘report to moderator’ link on that specific post and adding a brief comment. Questions about moderation decisions are handled in private, through the report link or a PM to a relevant staff member. RandallS and LyricFox (our hosts) have the final say on decisions.

(Oh, and our staff are in many different time zones and personal schedules, so we suggest reporting a post and/or copying more than one staff member for private messages. For matters relating to the message board, please include SunflowerP, the Message Board Coordinator on private messages about staff decisions whenever possible.)

Got other questions? You can ask in the Board Questions folder.

Message Board: Join in our discussion.

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