Wanting Help to Understand Celtic Pagan Tradition

Three Celtic goddesses, as depicted at Coventi...

Three Celtic goddesses, as depicted at Coventina’s well. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Participating in this forum has had a significant affect on how I view what I believe in. More than anything else I have critically looked at what I believe in and in the process lost much of the certainty I thought I had (not necessarily bad). The problem is you can sometimes get lost when you question every thing and need to start over so I reconsidered everything and feel I best identify with a Celtic paganism even thought that is still a diverse group. I have learned that to general a subject does not work well wanted I wanted to present some of the things I have come across with respect for Celtic paganism and see what others in the forum know or think (again I know there is still much variation but I wanted to start somewhere).

I would really like to know how others in the form know or think about some aspects of Celtic paganism. The gods and goddesses of the Celtic (here I mainly mean Irish because we have more information about them) seem more connected with the land with a large variation between different tribe tribes who honored them. How does this relationship with the land affect the way we see the Celtic Gods and Goddesses as compared to other patterns – Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Christian?

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