Walking Out On A Group Ritual

What would cause you to walk out? Do you consider it rude under any circumstances, or in your opinion are there appropriate times to throw your hands up and say, “I’m out.”

About ten years ago, a friend invited me to a general pagan gathering at someone’s home. I said hello to everyone (about 20 people) and they were all warm and welcoming, invited me to the BBQ they were having after the ritual and everything. The host was a lovely person and seemed very sweet and wanted all of us to feel included. Anyway, there was a small cauldron on the coffee table and we were asked to write the name of one of our gods, or the god we were closest to if any, and put it in the cauldron. I wrote Loki’s name on the paper and dropped it into the cauldron. I felt a tingle of something being wrong, but I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt. I’d never been to a gathering like that before and I didn’t want to be rude.

The host plopped the lid on the cauldron and began to shake it and that’s when uneasiness really crept in. She explained how she was going to draw the names of two gods and those would be the gods called into the circle.

She pulled these names from the cauldron: Loki and Ares

Uneasiness turned to almost panic. I jumped to my feet, thanked her for the coffee and the lovely time, and left. I was never invited back and my friend who had asked me to go along with her, was embarrassed by me. She did tell me though that everything that could go wrong with the ritual did go wrong – even the altar cloth caught fire at some point. No one was hurt, but they didn’t finish the ritual and just moved on to the food.

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