Virginia Gov. expected to step down over yearbook photo


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) saw his support within the commonwealth wither Friday night with mounting calls from members of his own party for him to resign after he admitted to appearing in a racist picture from medical school.
Members of Virginia’s congressional delegation began calling Northam on Friday night and privately urged him to resign, a source familiar with the calls told The Hill. Various national Democratic officials also publicly called for him to step down.

Jacques Mallet du Pan famously observed that ‘like Saturn, the Revolution devours its children’ and here’s another story to file under ‘devoured revolutionary’. After a medical school yearbook photo of Governor Northam wearing blackface next to a fake Klansman emerged the Governor apologised and resisted calls to step down, but after Virginia Democrats abandoned him en masse it looks like he now has no choice.

It will surprise none of you to know that I didn’t support Northam or any Democratic candidate in our last election, but I still feel terrible for the poor man. Being forced out of American politics — resigning from a governorship, no less —  over a stupid photo you were in in college is hardly just; especially after he had already engaged in the sackcloth-and-ashes flagellation expected of his particular brand of offense.

This is an occurrence that I can’t help but think will be repeated over and over again in the coming years. The Revolution spawned many children and more than a few of them are due for a reckoning with it; damned by whatever sin against liberal orthodoxy they committed decades ago. It is extremely bittersweet.

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