‘Valid’ Experiences?

And by that I mean, the experiences we have and share (or learn not to share). I was thinking about this when reading the thread by Ejay ‘Anyone having feelings of immanent change? ‘ in the Faith in everyday life’ section.

I responded because lately myself and a number of people I know (which takes it out of just my own personal experiences) have had a similar ‘feeling’ and also, having odd experiences out of the reasonable expectations of everyday events.

Now it’s true it could mean absolutely nothing or, as I mentioned in my response, it could be picking up on someone somewhere in the world where such a change is most certainly about to happen ( a village in Syria, Ebola creeping across some African countries and etc.). Who knows?

Yet the ‘feeling’ is strong and can be very disturbing.Trying to find it’s ‘source’ becomes important.

Now some people suggested that it was just a personal aberration of feeling , perhaps related to anxiety and to find some distraction. That put me in mind of Shrike from ‘Miss Lonelyhearts’ who always suggested answering even the most heinous of life questions with ” Have you considered Art?”.

And for sure, if someone has some ‘feeling’ of something impending, the mundane answer is probably the most sensible.

But the most sensible answers are the ones that I , at least, go through first. I’m skeptical, non-deistic and not given to the vapours. I kind of forsaw what answers if any would be made to such a post but because I and some (very) different friends and associates have been experiencing the same thing,I responded. Out of curiosity. Out of a carking worry. Out of wondering if anyone could suggest what or how such a ‘feeling’ could arise.

And one poster made very good suggestions but more importantly, did not dismiss the feelings I (and people around me) and the O.P. have been experiencing out of hand.

Which led me to wonder how people ‘parse’ the experiences of others.

I have seen many posts of people who have experienced something which they may feel is related to one or more deities and very rarely do people respond with the suggestion that it is nothing more than personal mistranslation of mundane events. Or suggest the person may just be anxious about something and in need of a hobby.

No, people tend to take such things most seriously and (more importantly) strive to find possible answers or ways of addressing the situation and identifying the precipitating event. To be fair this does not always happen, something people seem genuinely disturbed and appear to be using attribution rather than self examination and people *do* suggest this. But more often than not the experience is taken seriously, examined and explored.

Which leads me to the H.C.E. : the hierarchy of credible experiences. Is there one?

What makes people take some unexplained phenomenon or feelings seriously and slot others into the simple artifacts or life or that someone is just imagining something?

I will say that the experiences I and others have been going through were enough to make me ask if there was an explanation.And in fairness, the answer , except from one person, was no, there is no explanation so forget it: your ‘feelings’ do not constitute a ‘creditable experience’.

The only effect that has is to make one stop asking and sharing their personal experiences with others. Which is fine. But unsatisfactory somehow and not a little discouraging. Especially when one is worried.