Up All Night 2018: Oracles for the New Year

Welcome to the party!

This is where we pool our divinatory talents and tell each other’s fortunes for the coming year. Everyone who wants to participate is welcome to do so, regardless of your divination methods or the Powers behind them.

To join in as a fortuneteller, just reply to this thread with the following information:

  • The divination method you’re offering tonight (e.g. Tarot cards, other cards, dice of some kind, random playlist shuffle, runes, etc)
  • The Powers you reach out to for your fortunes, if any in particular
  • Any other useful notes you might want to provide about your readings

Anyone who wants can then reply requesting an oracle for their next year from diviners who have already posted to the thread. When doing so, please make sure to specify whether you would prefer a public reading in this thread, one sent by PM, or even one on Discord.

And that’s it! This solstice’s Oracles for the New Year will officially last through the daylight hours of the 22nd before closing to new requests.

Remember to keep an open mind about the results you get from your oracles. You never know for sure what they might really mean until they come to pass!

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