Unclear about a rune reading – help?

This was the first time I did a rune reading at Samhain. (If it matters, my first ever rune reading was the first of this year as an attempt to see what the coming months would bring.) I used a five-rune spread that I saw in a video from someone who developed it specifically for the occasion. A sort of introspection-geared spread, the center is meant to show where you are presently. The runes to the left are meant to show what is on the way out, like in the near past or thereabouts. On right, things which are coming.First rune in the center, the other four are in the four corners, like if you laid them out to form a square.

Center rune was Mannaz, on its side.

Runes to the left: Wunjo (reversed) and Fehu. Wunjo on top, Fehu on the bottom.

Rune to the right: Ehwaz (reversed) and Perthro. Ehwaz on top and Perthro on the bottom.

I’m…not sure what to make of it. I think what’s throwing me is having Mannaz on its side and then, well, how does everything else related to that? Or does having a rune on its side not mean anything at all?

Workday starting. Gotta go, will check back later.

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