Types of Candles

candles photo
Photo by ndrwfgg

Recently I became a convert to beeswax candles because apparently they are better for the environment, the smell nice, and I like the idea of burning something natural during my religious worship rather than something synthetic made from petroleum. The major drawback is that they are quite pricey, so I have to ration how often I burn them. The store I go to even carries them in different colours, made with vegetable dyes.

I also found tapers made from soy that I like. They don’t drip, and they burn pretty cleanly. They also don’t really have much of a fragrance, even though they are apparently scented. There are probably additives, since soy is usually a softer wax, so I don’t know how “natural” they are, but probably still better than most candles.

However, I still use regular paraffin candles a lot of the time, because they’re cheap, they look nice, and they come in a variety of colours. They are usually the most convenient, even though the natural ones are nice for special occasions.