Triskaidekaphiliacs Exchanging Glances

Solitary strangers in the night,
faces pale and stern,
revealing nothing
of the concise intricate thoughts
racing through our minds
as we assess the situation
at hand.

Falsely hung
in the Tree of Life,
perhaps due to our penchant
for introspection
and nimble changes in perspective.
I never the less prefer to abide awhile
where water flows fair,
and pickings are easy
in hollowed nest,
or abandoned hole
while I contemplate my strategy.

Like ghosts in the moonlight,
We bravely scout from airy branches
climbing across varied terrain
cushioning our nomadic nests
and swimming confidently
with extra limb
across any watery course
that may bar our chosen path.

I am a smudge of shadow,
a slow and wary traveler
Seeking my way.
Heartbeat a tad slower,
toothy smile wider
than other mammals my size
loose in the night.

Occidental tourist,
Native of the
New World;
Only I am
Twice en-wombed.
Wise ranger am I,
from these worldly experiences
collecting masks and clever tricks
for every occasion.

I am the High Priestess
who sits at that still place
between opposites.
My passive resistance
to venomous bites,
immune to contagion.

Should I wake too fearsome a foe
I’ll drop dead on the spot!
An award winning performance,
I must surrender all I thought I knew.
Entrancing myself
to beguile my audience,
treasures safe in my hidden pocket.

Then we’ll vanish
like Bogie and Bacall,
to pass in the night
another clandestine meeting.
Sacrificing ourselves at roadsides,
taking what we can find
to provide for tomorrow
as we go our separate ways.
Play it again!

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us.

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