Three Questions for Hard Polytheism

Taranis with wheel and thunderbolt
Taranis with wheel & thunderbolt (Photo: Wikipedia)

I have a few questions regarding views on the Gods and Goddesses. I started out as a soft polytheist but, to my surprise, a few experiences have rapidly been changing that. I’m mostly there, but the “scientific” part of my mind is still restless about a few things.

Hopefully none of these questions are offensive, as they are things I honestly want to know for myself. I’m not doing this to find a pre-packaged answer, but I feel that outside input would be very helpful.

Also forgive me if any of these are repeats. I tried to make sure they aren’t. I specifically mentioned hard polytheism, but I would still welcome input from people with other conceptions of divinity.

1) What of Deities of countless different cultures whose associations overlap? What of, say, Thor and Zeus and Taranis? How can they all be considered Gods of thunder? Is it a timeshare situation? How do you know which Deity to associate with any given storm? Is Thor Norse thunder and Zeus Greek thunder? Or is thunder merely something associated with them, and not their “dominion?”

2) Humans are a tiny blip in time on a cosmic scale. What are we to the Deities? A random creature that actually noticed them, and decided to say hi? What about societal Deities? Who was Heru before there were pharaohs? Who was Hestia before the hearth, much less land animals, period?

3) We are also a tiny blip on a cosmic scale. In your theology, are “your” Deities the Gods and Goddesses of all creation, or just our local solar system?