The Watchtower Ritual: Is It Necessary?

English: A chart of the Enochian alphabet with...

A chart of the Enochian alphabet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve done a decent amount of reading and research into Ceremonial Magick, and a common denominator has been this massive Opening and Closing by Watchtower, involving elemental weapons, Enochian calls, a “tablet of union” and all manner of pomp and circumstance. Only after performing this ritual could anything practical, be it charging a talisman or evoking a spirit, be attempted.

So my question: Is it really as necessary as it seems to be portrayed as being? I like Ceremonial Magick (I’m a witch first, don’t get me wrong, but I have varied interests) but I frankly don’t have the physical materials to make the Watchtower possible. I’ve read that it was supposed to replace the Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, which is less material-intensive. Would that work instead?

Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Am I over thinking things? I just feel like I have to leave my studies incomplete (which I hate doing) because of this one thing. What would you say is the bare minimum of preparatory rituals for a ceremonial operation?

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