The Presentation Of Deities

It occurs to me that Deities might appear differently to different people. If we connect with a Deity through our mind or spirit, then the appearance and characteristics of that Deity might be seen through the filter of our minds. I am not just talking about the physical appearance of a God or Goddess, but also characteristics, personalities, etc. So, if I am color-blind and see green as grey, a deity that might appear green to others would be grey to me. I mean this metaphorically. If I have a compassionate, forgiving mind, a Deity might respond to that and be more caring. Whereas if I had a more combative mind, a Deity might appear to me more aggressive.

So each God or Goddess might present themselves differently to different people based on the limitations of the perceptions of the person interacting with that Deity. Therefore, the appearance, personality, and characteristics of a Deity might be sort of “customized” to the particular worshipper, and so could perhaps be highly personalized. I do not know this particular idea to be true (“unconfirmed personal gnosis”, a term I saw in some of the SIGs). I am just speculating. What do you think? I think Gods and Goddesses are highly mysterious, and perhaps present different facets of themselves to different people for different purposes.

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