The larger Pagan communities

I’m about to do the class on Pagan history and community history for my current witchy students, which got me thinking about how to structure that.

What parts of Pagan community history do you think are really important to know about early on? Which ones bogged you down? (Or still confuse you?) What things did you wish someone had explained (or explained earlier than you learned them?)

And new since the last time I taught any of this explicitly, I want to include a solid segment on abuse in communities, things to be aware of in a specifically Pagan context (i.e. dealing with festival or skyclad situations, etc.) If you have resources you particularly like for this, or things you wish someone had mentioned to you, please do include them here.

(A note: they’re pre-initiation, and the classes in this sequence are designed to give context and help them make informed choices about next steps, not make them experts in the topic. Basically, 2 hours of class time with discussion and some additional links is where I’m aiming. I also expect to turn my notes from this one into an article or two on Seeking.)

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