The Hunter vs The Farmer?

Winter morning

Winter morning (Photo credit: blmiers2)

I’ve been around the pagan scene for awhile and I’ve noticed that there’s been a lot of emphasis on the growing season and the Spring and Summer months. Which I’m not knocking, if that’s what work for people, then that what works for them.

However, it seems that the Fall and Winter months seem to get neglected, the part of the year that I believe belongs to The Hunter. In the Spring and Summer farmers and field workers plant and grow their crops and reap them in the late Summer early Fall. However in the fall and winter, hunters hunt for their food.

Yes it is the season for death, as plants wilt their leaves, and the hunters do slain the animals when the earth becomes cold. However, I think this time has it’s own form of magic that I believe is being unappreciated.

The cold and dark days do have their own cycle, which heightens at the Winter Solstice and then makes way for the Warm season.

Just as the warm season’s magic is at it’s strongest during the Summer Solstice, so is the Cold Season’s magic is at it’s strongest during the Winter Solstice.

Honestly I have a stronger connection to the cold season because I love the Fall and Winter and I work with dogs, who are descendents from the wolves. Wolves seem to be more in tuned with the Cold Season than they do with the Warm Season, but maybe I’m off on that?

I just feel more in tuned with the Hunter than I do with the Farmer.

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