The ‘Godphone’ Concept

Red phone

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where did the godphone concept come from? Why is it becoming so prevalent, in eclectic Wiccan-influenced Paganism especially? I keep seeing people saying “I don’t have a godphone” or “I want to develop my godphone”. I find it absolutely fascinating from a sociological and theological standpoint, as I’ve not encountered anything similar to this concept in other religions or spiritual paths. My personal opinion is that it’s a useless metaphor, because hearing or experiencing deities is probably a skill that can be developed. But whether not it can, the metaphor seems very limiting, to me, in that there seems to be a mythos emerging that is leading to a kind of priesthood/laity split, between those who believe they can never communicate with the gods, and those who communicate with the gods and are thus being represented as having a ‘direct line’ to them.

Make any sense?

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