The Future of Our Pagan Faiths

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A thought has been coming to my mind lately of what the future of our various faiths might be like. Obviously we can not know for sure being that it is well the future, but it could be interesting to speculate what might arise.

As I am an Irish reconstructionist, I have thought about this and more questions then answers have came to me.

I have often wondered if new myths might develop over time ones that did not exist back in the pre-Christian times but are newer, modern tales of our gods and goddesses. I have wondered if there might be temples for pagan faiths, actual temples, again; or in the case of my own faith what would an Irish polytheist temple look and be like as we do not know what they were like.

I do imagine though that Christianity will not be the dominate religion, at least of the west. Now while it might be an interesting thought of a modern pagan Europe and America, I doubt that is the future. What I do imagine is the future is a more pluralistic society of various different faiths; Wicca, Asatru, Irish polytheism, Druidry, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian and so on.

So what do you think the future holds for your faith?