The Casting of a Spell – Getting Interrupted and/or Messing It Up

An almost burnt-down lit candle on a candle ho...

Lit candle on a candle holder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m still a beginner and this morning I was casting my second ever spell. I can only do spells late at night or in the morning because it’s the only time I can guarantee that I won’t be interrupted – however, sometimes, it still happens.

Today it was one thing after the other. I drew my circle and realized I forgot the oil I needed to anoint the candle. I was doing a simple elemental spell to banish negative feelings. I know the moon should be waning for maximum energy toward banishing spells but most spells seem complicated and have ingredients I could never get ahold of.

Anyway, I forgot the warming oil – that has essential oils in it, so I use it in place of essential oil when I have it – but I reached for it and it seemed to be within the circle anyway. Then, I lit two candles and quickly realized I probably should have only lit one (the last spell I had used an additional candle just to do the spell but I should have known better for this one). And then I spilled wax on my cloth!

I decided to just try the spell over again, so I un-cast my circle and re-cast it with a slightly clearer mind, and now the incense wouldn’t light!

Should I take this as a bad omen or maybe I’m just nervous?

The other thing I wanted to know is, it is pretty much inevitable that I get interrupted constantly. I live with my mom who’s disabled so she’s CONSTANTLY asking for help. Even when I tell her I need 10-15 minutes alone, something always comes up. Does this kind of interruption greatly dilute my spells? I don’t leave the circle per se, but I have to answer her or else she might break down my door in anger (and then you’ll see a disabled person move fast). I love casting spells but I feel like I simply can’t do it because there is ALWAYS an interruption.

Is there any harm with re-doing a spell if you mess it up halfway through? If you have already cast your circle and grounded, do you ground again, un-cast, do what you need to do, cast, and ground again? Or does that just mess everything up?

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