Technoology, Civilization, and Paganism

I did a cursory search for Technopaganism but did not turn anything up that was recent. I am interested to know how one reconciles Technology, Science, Civilization and the Built Environment with Paganisms. The Neo-Pagan focus on Nature as Sacred seems to be a prime characteristic of most Paganisms. How do we add Technology and Built Civilization to that schema?

I bring the subject up because even though I consider myself a type of Pagan, I am not that big a Nature buff. I do not camp much, and don’t hunt or fish. I do view Nature as Sacred and as the Source of Life, but I am much more of a City Man than a Nature Person. There are aspects of Nature that are particularly important to me, but the City is my first focus usually.

I love Museums, Libraries, Concert Halls, Theatres, Restaurants, Sports Arenas, Gymnasia, Colleges and Universities. I love the type of Life that revolves around all of these things. I will visit the City Park or go down to the River if I feel a need to connect with Nature, which I sometimes do, but my default mode is City Mode.

So, for this Urban and Tech/Built World focus, I have had a long association with Athena, who seems to me to be the best Deity to represent this sort of City Life. I also like to invoke Dionysus when indulging in food, drink, or enjoying arts and festivals. I am part of the Celtic Diaspora, and Celtic Mythology is a big component of my spirituality, but I consider myself a Celt in the City. I do think that I want to study and learn more about Hellenic Paganism, especially because of how the Ancient Greeks focused on the Polis, City Life, and associated Culture.

Anyway, I would be interested in what anybody might think of Technopaganism and Urban approaches to various Paganism. To me, a City is a Jewel set in Nature, the center of much Human Life, and so is Sacred to me.

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