TC’s own Great Global Group Meditation 2!

It’s back!

With the Cauldron’s annual Up All Night: A Technopagan Solstice Celebration less than 2 weeks away, I’m very pleased to announce that what started as a way to mark UAN’s 10th anniversary is back as a UAN11 special Cauldron event:

The Great Global Group Meditation 2
via video/audioconference

Any registered Cauldron member from anywhere in the world can teleconference in to join our special guest meditation leader, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, as she talks us through a nondenominational meditation…a meditation on the night of the solstice, spanning pagans and non-pagans alike, from across the globe, simultaneously!

WHEN: During UAN–on the night that begins at sunset on Friday, December 21, and ends at dawn on Saturday, December 22–beginning at 2 AM Universal Time–

–6 PM Pacific and 9 PM Eastern in North America
–2 AM Greenwich Mean and 3 AM Central in Europe
–Noon [on Dec. 22] Australian Eastern
It will last about 30-40 minutes.

WHERE: Wherever you are! As long as you have computer access, a smartphone, even from a “dumb” phone.

WHO: You must be a Cauldron member. Sorry, but if you’ve just wandered into the forums and haven’t signed up yet, you’re not eligible. (Simple solution: sign up!)

HOW: via a Zoom teleconference. It’s free! And there’s an audio-only option too, for those who want to preserve a degree of anonymity (or, if in a state of undress or sleep-deprived dishevelment, dignity)

Pre-register with me, so that I can send you the info for connecting to the Zoom meeting, which will be sent out immediately prior to the event on the night of UAN. Just PM me with your email address, which will be used *only* for this purpose and will be kept strictly confidential.

Our time in the Zoom teleconference is limited, so to maximize our meditation time, everyone should come prepared to *briefly* introduce themselves by telling us these (and only these) 3 things–

a name (anything you want: your Cauldron screen name, your real name, your pagan name, or a name you just made up off the top of your head)
what part of the world you’re in
a ONE WORD description of your solstice (how it’s been so far, or how you hope it will go)

Sorry, but to be fair to everyone’s meditation time, anyone babbling on will face the moderator’s mute button!
(It’s like the orchestra starting to play in the middle of your Oscar speech, only more merciless)

Once again we’ll be bridging vast distances between people through the power of meditation on the night of the solstice! Join us for the Great Global Group Meditation!


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