TC Discord Server Rules

(This is a WIP; current content is basically a placeholder copypasted from our Discord’s #rules channel)

The Cauldron’s Standard Rules Do Apply to our Discord Chat
The Host would like to remind everyone that our standard rules for member behavior apply to all parts of The Cauldron: our message board, our Discord chat, our website, and any other part of The Cauldron that may be created in the future — unless specific rules for an area are approved by a Host or Senior Staff member and posted in the area by a Staff member state otherwise.

Please set your name in the chat to be the same as your name on the Cauldron message board, so that we know who you are.  To change your display name in this Discord, tap the cauldron icon in your list of channels to pull up the menu and select ‘Change Nickname’

Channel specific guidelines:
– Please do not have discussions in #welcome. Introduce yourself, say hi to the newcomers, but please move substantive conversation to #general-chat or another appropriate channel.
– The #divination-department is primarily for divination exchanges, asking people for readings, and offering readings. While theory and practice of divination conversations may happen there, it is not required that they happen there, and we would generally prefer they go elsewhere so people seeking or offering readings can more easily find each other.
– The #ritual-room is for planning, discussing, and hosting online ritual or rituals shared among Discord participants. Please keep off-topic conversations to other channels so that references and discussion points for active ritual projects are easy to find.
– Post links to resources in #resource-sharing. Resources include, but are not limited to: shops of interest, academic resource materials, news articles. Some of these resources may also be appropriate to post in relevant parts of the Cauldron forum or may be collected in the future. Discussion of resources posted should be placed in the forum. Staff may choose to remove links to resources which are no longer relevant or useful.
– Writing discussion, encouragement, and mutual social encouragement goes in #tc-wrimos. Topics within this channel are entirely likely to not have pagan relevance.


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