Symbols That Strike a Chord in You

For me–


A triangle within a circle. (To be precise, an equilateral triangle with a circumscribed circle.) It’s loaded with sacred geometric symbolism, suggests alpha and omega both mathematically and visually, shows the male contained within the female, and is stunning in its symmetry. I find it strangely compelling and could stare at it all day. (Interestingly, the reverse–a circle within a triangle–holds no such power over me.)

Spirals. Love ’em, though in pagan circles, that hardly makes me unique; something about the visual dynamism, while remaining ordered, is appealing. I’m particularly partial to a double spiral–two interlocking spirals in opposite directions–which contains yin/yang at its core and suggests something spinning into and out of existence/opposing forces in balance. Best of all, double spirals frame our human existence by representing its micro (the double helix of our DNA) and macro (the spiral galaxy we live in) boundaries.


Swords. Obsessed with them since I was a little kid. They occupy an insane amount of real estate in my consciousness, for reasons that I suspect (hope!) go beyond obvious phallic connotations. Just today I learned that crossed swords pointing upwards symbolize “ready to fight.” (My subconscious probably already knew that, or I got lucky, in that my two swords were designed so that their inscriptions combine to read correctly when crossed upwards…and activism, perhaps to a fault, is a family trait.) Crossed pointing downwards symbolizes “the fight is over.” (Apparently it’s used a lot in war memorials.)

Ouroboros. A snake eating its own tail, usually in a circle but apparently on occasion as a figure 8 “infinity” sign, which is a major association of this symbol. I can’t quite figure out why, or how much, this symbol interests me.

Eagles. Duh.

So what symbols strike a special chord with you, and if you can put your finger on it, why?

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