Summer into Autumn

Every year, anytime from around now to sometimes as late as the 1st week of October, I experience these emotions about the change from summer into autumn.

I start to see signs of the coming of the autumn, and I go through this period of ‘clinging’ to the last vestiges of summer, and putting off accepting the change of seasons.

I love the autumn, so it isn’t that I dislike this season.  But I guess I’m aware that there’ll be 3 entire seasons before the summer comes around again.  Winter can seem so long, especially if particularly cold or wet.  And I always spend most of spring longing for the warm, fine weather to roll around (and it can obviously be unreliable).

I love the freedom of the summer, to be able to just walk out the door with no coat or sometimes without even any shoes on in my case.  You can just go outdoors and do your thing, and don’t generally have to worry about the ground (or park bench, or whatever) being wet if you decide to sit for a while.  And I guess the summer is strongly associated with being carefree in my part of the world, too, because as kids we had the school summer holidays each year of course.  Plus the long days and extra daylight just generally lift my mood all round, and always have done.

The past few years the transition from late summer into autumn has been more gradual than 2020.  I guess there’s a chance we might get a late spell of extra summer over the next month, but so far it’s turned wet and grey earlier than previous years.  I’ve become accustomed to weeks of blue skies and golden fields with just that hint of autumn in the air, getting gradually cooler day by day.  But it seems we might not get those elements this year.

Of course with the lockdown I’m working from home, too, so I’m not going out travelling and have only got the weather I can see out of my windows to go on.  So that might be exacerbating things.

I’m trying to decide how I can reconcile myself to this different autumn onset this year, how I can embrace it.  Any thoughts anyone?

I’m thinking of some herbal teas maybe, I’ve also got a scrumptious chai latte powdered tea drink which is highly sugary but very pleasant on cooler, wet afternoons and evenings.  Things of that sort.

Does anyone else experience anything similar?

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