Staying Up All Night: The DON’Ts

With The Cauldron’s annual Up All Night celebration only 1 week away, here’s a place to put your red-alert warnings for what NOT to do if you’re trying to stay awake until dawn. When pulling an all-nighter, what are the threats? What spells your certain downfall?

For me…

1. NO ALCOHOL. I’d love to celebrate the solstice with some mildly inebriated revelry, but I simply cannot have booze if I’m going to make it until dawn. And most especially, no red wine! If I’m tired, it knocks me out cold.

2. NO TV AFTER MIDNIGHT. Nothing says nodding off like meaningless late-night TV, no matter how engrossing the subject matter.

3. NO POST-SEX HORIZONTALISM. I love me some solstice sex, whether it’s the self-recreational kind or, better yet (when you an get it), sex with partner(s). But once the fun is done, it’s crucial not to lie there in that relaxed haze. I’m told this is especially a guy thing, but it’s all too likely I’ll be unconscious within minutes.

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