Stalking Wisdom

Stalking Wisdom

Glowing moon
White as bone
Sails o’er waters
O’er hills
O’er time darkened stone
Gnawing the moon down
to a crescent rind
Eerie voices rise and whine
Each one unique
yet all are akin
“Do you know your own song?
Does your heart answer?
Kindle? Awaken?”
One Uillean voice
lifts above the chorus
Complex, evocative
Untamed wisdom
winding towards us…

“I will teach you
to sift the winds for secrets
Trust your senses
Go within on stalker’s feet
Know Thyself
Around the Wheel
at each sacred corner
I await you
Singing lessons eternal
Lead your Pack
Balance between
Self and Duty
Work and Play
Listen to our song
Walk in Beauty!
Follow the trail
No path may be hidden long
from our hunger!

I might raise a babe of yours
as one of my own
I suckled the sons of Mars
founding Rome
I whisper the hidden wisdom
of the Earth in Odin’s ears
Deliver justice with the Wild Hunt
I am your empathy
your fears
I might devour your precious Grandmama
Some day
even the moon, the sun,
for the magic that they carry
Who will you feed
with your thoughts, words, deeds?
Medicine goes beyond the body
Heal your soul’s need

Sharp of eye
White of fang
I will huff
I will puff
Blowing away the dust
cluttering your
World view
We will give chase
Harry, hunt, purse.”

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a teacher found in nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons and wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing?

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