Spoon wrangling. (Aka… self help techniques, I guess?)

What’s the single most useful coping mechanism you’ve found, to date, for spoon wrangling issues?

If different things have worked for you at different times, what were they and what were the factors that made them cease to be useful/that made something else more useful?

Are there any alternative therapies you’ve found helpful in tandem – particular essential oils, crystals etc?

(By ‘spoon wrangling’ I guess mean: making the most of your limited spoon supply, I guess; or being the most effective whilst the spoon supply holds out/without depleting spoon levels altogether.  I’m not being very articulate I suppose, but I imagine one or two of you will probably be able to see what I’m getting at…)

I’m suffering a high level of fatigue once again at the moment and looking for ideas how I might alleviate it, or at least keep functioning and keep holding down my job whilst I ride it out.

Thanks for any replies – I don’t mind PMs if you’d rather not respond publicly.  And I’ll understand if people feel they can’t reply.

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