Spiritual, but not religious

I recently came across this concept, which has been somewhat surprising to me as this is how I’ve identified for a looong time but didn’t realise that it was “a thing”.  I did a Google search for the term ‘spiritual but not religious’ and the number of hits has amazed me (though I’ve yet to do any reading specifically around this) – this even has it’s own initialism (SBNR) and Wikipedia entry.

I recently came across some mention of this (it might’ve been by YouTuber & author Thorn Mooney, though I can’t be 100% sure) in connection with millennials in particular.  Actually, Thorn takes issue in at least one of her videos with the terminology of ‘spiritual’/’spirituality’ and prefers ‘religious’/’religion’.  I’m the exact opposite in how I prefer to describe my own outlook, preferring ‘spiritual’.  (I guess it’s possible that I heard the term SBNR at some stage without consciously realising it, and also didn’t make the connection when I came to identify this way… but, anyways–)

I’m interested to hear others’ thoughts on this topic.

Do you identify as either religious or spiritual, or a bit of each and what are your reasons for your outlook (in only as much detail as you’re comfortable sharing)?  Is there a difference, in your view, or are they synonyms?  Or does it depend on the context?  Does it bother you what terminology others use to refer to themselves?

Also, does anyone have any insight they could share as to how this pertains to millennials in particular?  Are there shortcomings and potential pitfalls of this outlook in your view?  Shouldn’t everyone be free to adopt their own approach, be it ever-so “un-religious”, just as we’d hope all people are free to follow the religion of their own choosing?

Feel free to answer as many or few of the above enquiries as you’d like, or to add new points into the discussion as the mood takes you.  “Discuss.”

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