Spell Analysis and Assessment

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First off, I don’t do a lot of magic. But I’m a practical Capricorn who doesn’t like to make mistakes, or at least, doesn’t like to make mistakes more than once. So it doesn’t surprise me when, if a spell goes wrong, I find myself wanting to figure out just how and just where, so that if I need to attempt such a thing again, I know what not to do. But where do you really begin with such an analysis?

It seems to me that magic is such a subjective undertaking, with so many variables, that systematically, or, dare I say, scientifically determining just where and how something went wrong (or right!) is probably or practically impossible. Still, surely someone else has wrestled with this same sort of desire and found a solution to meet their needs?

I’m curious to know if anyone has come up with a systematic approach or devised a checklist of sorts to help them figure out their spellwork results*, or help them revise their spells for a second attempt, or ensure desired results can be repeated?

*If anyone has come up with a system for systematic analysis of their ritual work, I’m sure the tools could be easily used or modified for spell work, so do pipe up if that is the case.

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