Sources for Forming your own Path/Religion

Diagram of a Religious experience
Diagram of a Religious experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m working on trying to hash out a rather unique path. It’s a reconstruction of ancient tribal Israelite practices/culture based on my own academic research and religious experience. I’m trying to get a book together and start a group to educate others on my ideas/beliefs.

I’m looking for sources (web, book, or otherwise) that could help with forming a new path. I was an anthropology and religion major in school, but that didn’t help much in actually forming my own thing.

I need help specifically with the following:

* What people need to know. This is a very different path from most forms of paganism that people are familiar with. Any sort of guide on this would be great.
* How to get started with finding like minded folks and getting this off the ground.
* How to be a good spiritual leader.

Any other help would be great as well.

Are there any sources out there for this sort of thing? If you google “how to start your own religion” or something similar, all you get is sarcastic jokes and anti-religious hate sites.